Winter Worksheets for Preschoolers

by Mariana on January 4, 2013

winter worksheetsIt’s been some time since I posted; the holidays plus school vacation have kept me busy. It’s been nice having the kids all home, but it’s also exhausting! It’s nice and cool now, so it actually feels like winter. I put together some winter activities — all snowflake and snowmen-themed…Something to keep the kids occupied on a winter afternoon, when going outside isn’t an option. The first one is a Snowman puzzle. I suggest printing it out and gluing it onto some construction paper (or scrapbooking paper if you have any!) — it makes the puzzle much more easy to manipulate. Next up are a snowflake pattern worksheet and a snowflake counting worksheet. (Can you tell I really like the snowflakes?). Last, is an arrange-by-size snowman worksheet. [click to continue…]


A Printable “Letter to Santa” Template

by Mariana on December 4, 2012

letter to Santa TemplateIt’s funny how different kids can be. William (6) knows exactly what he wants for Christmas. I printed out the “Letter to Santa” template for him, and without hesitation, he made a list for Santa/us. Very helpful actually. We’re pretty much done shopping for him! Nicolas (4), drew something unrelated, and said “I don’t know”, when I asked him what he hoped Santa would bring him. He is pretty easygoing, and will generally play with most toys, especially if his big brother is into something (of course). But I’ll try to find something that he can enjoy independently…Hmm…
To get your printable pdf, just click right here.


Christmas Tree CraftIt’s December, and it seems like Christmas trees are starting to show up everywhere…We haven’t even decided whether we’re going to have a real or “fake” tree this year. I love the smell of Christmas trees, so I’m leaning towards a natural tree…but then again, thinking of twin toddlers running into the tree….and all those pine needles flying everywhere….Hmm… Since we’re on the subject of trees, I wanted to share an easy Christmas Tree craft. All you have to do is print out the pdf files, then your child can color in the tree, ornament and stars. Then they can cut and paste the ornaments and star, to decorate their own tree.
Click right here to download your printable Christmas Tree pdf. Enjoy!


Christmas Coloring Pages for Preschoolers

by Mariana on November 22, 2012

rudolph reindeer coloring page thumbnailHope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We had a very laid back and quiet Thanksgiving, just what we needed after the hectic rush of every day life. It’s nice to just hang out at home, together, not having to be anywhere. We watched movies, including “The Sound of Music”, one of my favorites. The twins liked the songs; the older boys were not as interested…oh well! Since Black Friday is pretty much the official start of the Holiday season, we designed some Christmas-themed coloring pages. We have a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer coloring page — I remember watching the classic movie as a child, and how much I loved it. Then we have a Christmas Tree coloring page. I can’t wait to get our tree, I just looove the smell. Of course, we have a Santa Claus coloring page :) . And since I grew up in Latin America, where nativity scenes are displayed in every house at Christmas, I thought a Nativity Scene coloring page would be cute. Hope you enjoy them! [click to continue…]


Thanksgiving Craft: Handprint Turkey

by Mariana on November 12, 2012

turkey handprint craftI love those Turkey handprint crafts you seem to see everywhere in the month of November. However, I knew that my four kiddos wouldn’t really enjoy getting paint on their hands, so I came up with an easy, mess-free alternative. The boys got really goofy; putting a funky snow cap and a belly button on theirs. All you need for this craft are construction paper in Fall colors, markers, and a glue stick. Trace each your kids’ hands (if they will let you), and cut the handprints out. Then assemble the Turkey as shown. We added a pilgrim hat, just for fun. The handprint turkey in the picture is one I made one using the twins’ handprints. For more Thanksgiving fun, check out our Thanksgiving coloring pages.


Thanksgiving Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

by Mariana on November 4, 2012

cornucopia coloring sheetIt’s kind of crazy how quickly things go this time of year. Halloween was a lot of fun — William and Nicolas went trick-or-treating with Daddy. I just didn’t have the energy to take all four kids, so I handed out candy with the twins. They of course got into the candy (chocolate) and tried some…You should have seen their faces, it was too cute. Of course, I hid the rest of it :) . The big boys came back with a big stash of their own, but fortunately they aren’t too candy-crazy, so after a couple of bites, they were done. I had a few bites as well, because I can’t let them have all that candy, can I? So now that trick-or-treating is over, everyone is thinking about Thanksgiving. William keeps telling me that it’s his favorite time of year, along with Christmas. Since it’s always fun to have themed activities for kids, we created four different printable Thanksgiving coloring and activity sheets. They are: a cornucopia coloring page, an Owl and Turkey coloring page, a Thanksgiving matching game, and a cutting and pasting make-your-own plate activity. [click to continue…]


Fun Leaf Crafts For Preschoolers

by Mariana on October 13, 2012

leaf printsFall is my favorite time of year. Even though we don’t live in New England anymore, I still enjoy the hints of Fall that we see here in Northern California. Near our house, there are trees that get incredibly colorful, and both the kids and I enjoy taking in the changes. I thought a few leaf-related crafts would be in order, so I’m sharing three today. They are really easy, and can make quite pretty artwork that is worthy of hanging up.  [click to continue…]


Easy Pumpkin Muffins

by Mariana on October 8, 2012

easy pumpkin muffinsAfter a hot spell, it has cooled down again here in Northern California, and it feels like Fall again. While I was at the grocery store yesterday, I saw rows of beautiful pumpkins laid out, and it made me think of pumpkin baked goods. Last night I made these super easy pumpkin muffins with Nicolas — he enjoyed mixing and dropping the batter into the muffin pan. It couldn’t get any easier, and since they’re loaded with pumpkin, these muffins are full of fiber and healthy vitamins — not bad for a muffin :) . [click to continue…]


It’s October, and that means the Halloween madness is officially starting. On our way to dinner last night, we saw one of those Halloween superstores that pop up suddenly, only to disappear as soon as trick or treating is done. The kids do love this time of year, especially the idea of candy and costumes. We created some cute Halloween-themed coloring sheets with the Pre-K Shop Owl for your kids to enjoy. William and Nicolas were busy coloring them in this morning; they like the owl character…Now all we need is a name for him — if you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments! Hope you like the coloring sheets, and please share them if you do. [click to continue…]


Easy Spider Cupcakes

by Mariana on September 22, 2012

Spider cupcakesIt’s always fun to make seasonal cupcakes, especially since the kids really enjoy them. I had ambitions of making a whole variety of Halloween cupcakes, but then realized that between taking care of four kids and running a business, there’s not much extra time! So these spider cupcakes are super easy to make, and would make a fun addition to a Halloween party.  If you’re pressed for time, it’s easier to use boxed cake mix and frosting. William and Nicolas just pulled off the licorice and candy decorations and ate the cupcakes :) . To make these you’ll need to do the following: [click to continue…]