Fun Leaf Crafts For Preschoolers

by Mariana on October 13, 2012


leaf printsFall is my favorite time of year. Even though we don’t live in New England anymore, I still enjoy the hints of Fall that we see here in Northern California. Near our house, there are trees that get incredibly colorful, and both the kids and I enjoy taking in the changes. I thought a few leaf-related crafts would be in order, so I’m sharing three today. They are really easy, and can make quite pretty artwork that is worthy of hanging up. 

Leaf Prints

We had a lot of fun making these leaf prints. To make them, just follow the steps below:
how to make leaf prints1. Prepare some paint (such as Crayola Washable Kids’ Paint) and paintbrushes. It’s helpful to cover your table with newspapers, since this can get messy.

2. Set out the leaves you gathered outside. It’s fun to get different shapes and colors. Try to find leaves that are not too dried out, and relatively flat. Make sure they have fairly visible veins.

3. Using the paintbrush, paint the bottom of a leaf (the side with the veins). Use a light coat of paint to get the best impressions.

4. Flip over the leaf and press down onto a white sheet of paper. It’s fun to make collages of different colored leaf prints.

Leaf Rubbings

These leaf rubbings are so pretty and kids think its magical when the impression of the leaf appears. All you need are leaves, white paper, and crayons. Place the leaves (vein-side up) under the paper, color over the leaf with the crayon, and the leaf shape will appear!

leaf rubbing

Colorful Foam Tree

I have sheets of adhesive-backed foam at home, and I thought they would be fun for making a colorful Fall tree. You could also use construction paper and glue.

colorful foam tree

1. Cut out a bare tree shape from the brown adhesive-backed foam. Stick to a white piece of paper.
2. Cut out red, yellow, and orange leaf shapes.
3. With or without help, your child can remove the backing from the “leaves” and place them on or under the tree.

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Robin D. October 15, 2012 at 8:35 am

Hey Mariana!
Thanks for the great ideas. Jón, Lóa and Anna will love doing this :) Hope CA is treating you well.

Enjoy your fall!


Mariana October 16, 2012 at 12:36 pm

Hey Robin!
Thanks for stopping by :) . CA is great, can’t complain about the weather! Hope you guys are doing great :) .


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